The Life of a Wildlifer
Hey my name is Micah, I am a recent college graduate trying to find my way in the working world of wildlife. I love the outdoors and often engage in all sorts of shenanigans and adventures out in the wilderness. I will be posting many photos that I have taken in my past and present adventures in the woods as well as many photos that I did not take but just enjoy.
How to beat the heat in Minnesota, drink a cold beer in a cold lake
Today I caught and GPS collared my third wolf! I cant take personal pictures at work so I will just include this picture I took of one of the captive wolves at the International Wolf Center. This astounding wolf is Boltz, I will often go and read by the window at the wolf center and he sometimes will come up to the window and check me out.
Breakfast in the Boundary Waters!   

Had some blueberry pancakes and tea while doing an overnight canoe trip on ensign lake. Couldn’t find my light weight camping frying pan so I hauled my cast iron one out
Red-capped manakin (Ceratopipra mentalis), Costa Rica. I was lucky enough to see the famous manakin dance, however none of my pictures of the dance really turned out due to the speed involved in the dance.

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