The Life of a Wildlifer
Hey my name is Micah, I am a recent college graduate trying to find my way in the working world of wildlife. I love the outdoors and often engage in all sorts of shenanigans and adventures out in the wilderness. I will be posting many photos that I have taken in my past and present adventures in the woods as well as many photos that I did not take but just enjoy.

Feeding by PacificKlaus on Flickr.

Foxy Lady by thrumyeye

Storm spotting by JrnAllanPedersen
I am back from the wild! Unfortunately I did not catch any wolves on this trip or even see any signs of wolves, was a fun trip non the less. I was lucky enough to see alot of cool wildlife tho such as otters, beavers, ruffed grouse, spruce grouse, lots of warblers, and even a moose. I also backpacked 12 miles on the Kekekabic trail every day for 14 of the 16 days that I was trapping out there, so 168 miles total.

My boss is sending me back into the boundary waters to collar more wolves, yea! Gona get to camp for another 16 days in some pristine wilderness while running a trap line. I will bring back plenty of pictures of the adventure. As always I paddle at dawn!


Snow Leopard by catman-suha

Wildlife 🍁🍂

Young Pine Marten by Danny Green
This picture pretty much sums up my last boundary waters trip, now I get to go do it again!
Boundary Waters MN.