The Life of a Wildlifer
Hey my name is Micah, I am a recent college graduate trying to find my way in the working world of wildlife. I love the outdoors and often engage in all sorts of shenanigans and adventures out in the wilderness. I will be posting many photos that I have taken in my past and present adventures in the woods as well as many photos that I did not take but just enjoy.

I was lucky enough to stumble across a few sea caves at low tide on a morning beach hike. This was while I was studying abroad in Costa Rica this past winter, It was one of my best experiences. The whole beach hike was outstanding and had many unexpected surprises, I saw so many wonderful animals and then the beach hit this cliff and I could see there were some caves on the side of it. I went a little out of my comfort zone to get to them (almost lost my camera) but it was well worth it. The last picture shows some kind of wormlike crustacean that was living on some parts of the cave wall.

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